What do you see when you look at a landscape? I mean a real, in-person landscape that you see when you get off the couch and get outside. Do you just see trees and water? A hill over there? Maybe a few rocks?

Or do you see wide variations of green? Dazzling sparkles of sunlight? Cool shadows making rhythmic patterns? Reflected light bringing out awesome textures?

If your answers were closer to the latter, then you see the world differently than most people. You may already be an artist. If you like to explore the scenery around you with curious observation, then you might be a landscape painter.

I recently decided to try out palette knives to create landscape paintings. The technique can be intimidating, because it’s unnatural to paint with a knife. We’re taught from kindergarten to paint with a brush. Done right, the results are bold, lush and fresh!
I’ve had more than a few people ask me about teaching. Well, I won’t commit to teaching in a live studio or workshop right now, but I’ll offer my insight here, in this book.
So if you’re ready to try out a pallet knife painting, get this book.