In this book I want to tell you my trials and tribulations on raising two children as a work at home father. I learned early on how to get things right and not to listen to everyone else. My children were always respectful they were always amazing out in public and we got many numerous comments and compliments telling us how wonderful our children were and how well behaved they were. I want to share with you how I decided to come up with my own techniques for raising a baby up to the toddler years through the potty training years into puberty. I go over reward processes, discipline, potty training, feeding, all of the above. If you're having a baby or you have a toddler,then this book will change your life. I hold nothing back and tell you my entire system. Discipline without laying a hand. Potty training the easy way. Threats and sleep are the 2 keys to punishing without punishment. What to Expect the First Year What to Expect the second Year. What to Expect when raising a family.