"Colin Smith writes what no one else can or will: personal political poetry that is so tough Lenny Bruce might have offered to write this blurb." — Michael Barnholden

"There’s wronginess all around, mirrors of epic pain in formal tinynesses — in the great poem “Wronginess”: hexametric symmetries of sonnet sound. But also, pulsing, dripping chunks of culture industry served on a bed as mortician’s garnish, by a Satyr, who has on leash an inconsolable Satir-ist reading for quips, mouthing off. Reader, let Colin Smith’s Carbonated Bippies! serve you, frighteningly good fizz, chunk after chunk, all the social registers of the exclamation point between title and “Party (belches)!” To be served politically, Wallace Stevens has had to wait for a majority conservative government in Canada under Stephen Harper, who then had to wait for the — steaming — portraiture in “The Renderer of Cold Ream” — which, surely, you can not wait to be served." — Louis Cabri