This story of the French Intervention was published in 1943, just after Mexico had declared war on the Axis.It is resoundingly anti-monarchy, anti-Maximilian and pro-liberty.Niles talks of a "New World Spirit" of freedom and casts monarchy as an anomaly in the late 19th-century world of freedom.She has the intelligence to condemn the US-Mexican War as well.Her condemnation of Maximilian, Napoleon and imperialism is total.Even the physical descriptions of Max and Carlotta are toned down.What makes this book different is the passages in which it dwells on the resource, ability and determination of the Princess Salm-Salm.Her part in the story is minor, but it certainly is fascinating.The book is sketchy in its depiction of the global picture.The end chapter, describing the author's trip to Mexico, is unnecessary and boring.But an interesting read on the whole