When a close friend of hers is shot in the street, the vehemently anti-gun Paula Sherman is interviewed by a reporter at the scene. She later discovers that her words are misconstrued and taken out of context by a corrupt senator and the gun industry to promote their pro-gun agenda. Outraged, Paula embarks upon a one-woman quest to change America, ultimately becoming national hero and villain, enforcer and outlaw, lover and leader, in this provocative, darkly exciting tale. When a bungled armed robbery gets Paula's friend killed right in front of her, she finds herself propelled to national attention as her words and image are stolen and used in a pro-handgun election campaign.

Mousy little Paula is no longer just an overworked waitress with a beautiful singing voice—she has become a symbol for the violence that she detests. The pro-gun propaganda gives her an idea that will transform her, redeem her name and her image, and change the way an entire country talks about handgun violence.