Silver of The Romance Reviews - Kate Richards pens a sweet, engaging tale tale about love at first date...The romance was sweet and believable, though the certainty of Rachel's feelings for Quinn was rather too fast. Still, I suppose there are people who knew someone was "the one" for them at first glance. The only flaw I saw in this story was that it was too short! I would've loved to know more about Rachel and Quinn as characters, and to read more of their story. Still, Ms. Richards is a great storyteller, and I'll be on the lookout for her other books. 4 stars!

Katie of BookingIt Reviews—" is a sweet and endearing story. Rachel stumbles around trying to decide what she wants, especially after she meets Quinn. She definitely acts like that girl we all know when she meets someone new where she tries to impress him. Towards the end, the future of the relationship is rocky, giving a bit of intrigue into this short story...If you’re in the mood for a sweet, chick-lit, contemporary romance, give a try." BookingIt Grade: B+

**Spoiler Alert** H.A.Brewer of Everybody Needs a Little Romance - ...There is an instant attraction between them with some sexual tension thrown in.I like that they didn’t have sex the 1st night they met.The idea of sharing a movie and staying up all night making out is very appealing.I think you can fall in love the first time you meet your true mate but I also think it is a rare gift when it does happen...I would’ve loved to see this story continue on at least a little further and explore their relationship a little deeper.It’s a good short story that is sweet with likeable characters.Overall I enjoyed Perfect and give this story 3 flaming hearts." 3 Flaming hearts!

Strega of The Pagan and the Pen Book Reviews—"This is a quick read but I enjoyed it a lot. The story moves along quickly and although short, it doesn't leave anything out. The author shows wit and humor in a story that is semi-biographical since she also met her husband on line...It's nice to read a story about this subject, especially since it hasn't been a big target for authors yet. I enjoyed the fresh idea and the author's style of writing." 4 overal card rating!

Alyna Couture, The Romance Studio—"I loved this story. Once I opened the file and began reading, I found myself unable to stop until I had reached that magical part of the story where you finally find out what will happen. Ms. Richards made both Quinn and Rachel seem like people that I would love to have as my next door neighbors, and as close friends. I am a big fan of stories where the characters are so real, so three-dimensional, that they leap out of the pages and into the very same room that I am in. Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with "Perfect". Do both Quinn and Rachel get what they are expecting? Does everything turn out as they want it to? I'll let you read this book to find out for yourselves. I, personally, will be putting this into my 'to be read mountain', where it will have a permanent place. As a matter of fact, I actually read it twice before I wrote this review. I intend to recommend this book to many of my friends, and when I do so, I will be quite vocal about just how much I liked it." Overall rating: 5 hearts!

Romance Reader, Seriously Reviewed—"Awwww! That was one of the sweetest, short lovey stories that I have read in awhile :) A woman not wanting a relationship…there is no bigger cynic :) But Rachel got a good dose of sweet hot stud and suddenly realized not all guys are losers. This story was a winner for me even though I felt like slapping the crap out of her friends :) Sometimes those who love you do things out of love that you might just wish they hadn’t…but when it all works out for the best….oh what great friends they are to have :)" Story: 8.5 Presentation: 8.5 Total: 17

Tammy Elizabeth Southin, The Pen Muse—"Kate Richards’s latest read, Perfect Partners dot Com – part of her Tales of Internet Romance Series, is a thoroughly modern tale of love and trust...Richard’s uses effective storytelling in this short and lively paced love story. Great short stories use rich description without getting bogged down in too many details, and here Richards give readers a story for the times with memorable characters and smart writing."

Tiger Lily, Long and Short Reviews—"The concept of this book is interesting—a dating site bringing a possible love match. And don’t we all want to find that one person to fulfill our requirements for the perfect person? I know I do. This book is told from the heroine’s point of view, so I knew precisely what was going on in her head at any moment. The writing flows well and I felt drawn into the heroine’s tale... What I found a little hard to relate to was her overwhelming fear of not being enough for the hero. I understand that she’s got feelings of inadequacy. What woman doesn’t? But there were times when I thought she let it consume her. I wanted to see her grow more than she did through the story...Although I didn’t get to see things from Quinn’s point of view, I liked him as a hero... I liked how he made her take chances and get out of herself. It was neat to read.

If you want a book that’s guaranteed to make you smile, then you need to read Perfect I give this book 3 books."

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