In this action-packed series, nine-year old secret agent Jack Stalwarttravels the globe in search of his missing older brother Max while solvinginternational crimes for the Global Protection Force.In The Caper of theCrown Jewels, Jack is summoned to solve a matter of grave nationalimportance: the theft of the Crown Jewels of the British Empire from theTower of London.Arriving on the scene, he is greeted by a traditionalTower guards, a Yeoman Warder, or Beefeater, who explains what's missing:The Imperial State Crown, the Sovereign's Orb, and the Sovereign's Scepterwith the cross containing the finest-cut diamond in the world, the diamondof the Culliinan I, the Star of Africa.The queen is not pleased.Jackidentifies Ivan the Incredible and his assistant Jazz as the thievesimmediately—but puzzling out how they did it is stickier.The infamousTower has the most advanced security in the world, and even using hisimpressive gadgets (the Encryption notebook, his Heli-Spacer, Rock Corer,and Rope Tornado) Jack is flummoxed by how jewels were spirited out.ButJack can conjure up more than gadgets—he foils the evil magicians withsome powerful mojo of his own, dispels an invisibility enchantment,narrowly avoids the executioners block and some other murderous ploysbefore restoring the jewels to the crown and earning the gratitude of theQueen herself!