Personal Response
- The story of Picasso and Minou provides a relatable outlook on a small part of Pablo Picasso's life for children of young age. Picasso went through a "Blue Period" where for a few years everything he painted had shades of blue and dark colors, and this book goes on to describe that particular period of his life. I love how this book is written because the plot does not stray far from the relationship between Picasso and his cat. Keeping this relationship concept in mind, it shows that the author understands the audience. The illustrations are lovely; some show the depressing aspect of life in the early 1900's while others show warmth and music amongst all the poverty that really existed during this time.

-Read aloud for kids in K-3rd grade.
-This story could be incorporated into a lesson about the history of Paris and Spain in the early 1900's. Children can observe the illustrations and describe particular aspects of the setting and life back then.
-This story can also be used in an art lesson. Picasso is one of the most well known artists and is proclaimed to this day as a genius when working with paint. Children can learn how to use different shades of one color and still make a clear image, for example.