Pilgrimage to Earth is a collection of science fiction short stories by Robert Sheckley. It was first published in October 1957 by Bantam Books (catalogue number A1672) and already reprinted a month later.

It includes the following stories (magazines in which the stories originally appeared given in parentheses):
"Pilgrimage to Earth" (Playboy 1956/9; also known as "Love, Incorporated")
"All the Things You Are" (Galaxy 1956/7)
"Trap" (Galaxy 1956/2)
"The Body" (Galaxy 1956/1)
"Early Model" (Galaxy 1956/8)
"Disposal Service" (Bluebook 1955/1)
"Human Man's Burden" (Galaxy 1956/9)
"Fear in the Night" (Today's Woman 1952)
"Bad Medicine" (Galaxy 1956/7)
"Protection" (Galaxy 1956/4)
"Earth, Air, Fire and Water" (Astounding 1955/7)
"Deadhead" (Galaxy 1955/7)
"The Academy" (If 1954/8)
"Milk Run" (Galaxy 1954/9)
"The Lifeboat Mutiny" (Galaxy 1955/4)