In the town of Haslow Falls, two girls, Tina and Gina, fight to find and save their father from the evil clutches of a Dark Witch who seeks to reclaim her power. The girls wind their way around the gaze and capture of the Dark Powers of the evil that lurks, and a suspicious police force unfamiliar with the occult. The town’s best-kept secret allies will soon come out of the shadows for one final battle with the Dark Forces rising!
From the mind of “in Sanity, AZ” co-writer Joe Pezzula, “Where the Witches Lurk” is a classic supernatural story involving a small town with dozens of secrets hidden in the shadows, waiting to be uncovered. Brought to life by Donny Gandakusuma, this is the exciting tale about the Good that lives within us all, and overcoming the confusion when we discover our own powers.
Join Tina and Gina on the biggest adventure of their young lives, as they search for their kidnapped father amongst the spells and evil of witches aplenty.
Dark Forces never truly die in “Where the Witches Lurk”!