Twenty Godly Men and Women WhoIn this book twenty Godly men and women who experienced failure tell their story!

Has anyone told you the price of success?

It is failure!

Failure - who wants to talk about it? No one. In our success driven environment, we seldom realize that success is a process - a processthat journeys right through the heart of failure.

All success is born out of the pangs of failure. And that bring existential issues to the surface:
"Who really loves me for me, and not for what I can do for them?"
"Is there someone who knows me, with whom I'm totally transparent?"
"If I missed a church service, would anyone notice and call me?"
Failure: The Womb of Success is refreshing. It drips with honest confessions and condor.
So, put down your guard, relax, and enjoy a most candid journeythrough this exploration of our humanity. The purpose of this book is to encourage you to stay in the race and not give up.
You may fail, but you are not a failure. Events do not define you.

Failure is not final; it's only an event!