Why try to learn a new language the old fashion way?
Memorizing grammar rules and getting more and more frustrated, and like most people signing up for internet classes or materials that you never finish?

Well, there is a BETTER way – through Cultural Immersion.
Our books are all based on real life stories centered on Costa Rican culture and its easy going, “Pura Vida” way of life. All of our books are in easy to read English, with a sprinkling of Spanish words that start your immersion into a non-complicated way of learning a new language.

Real Life Stories
In this way, you begin to learn more and more new Spanish words, each time further immersing yourself into the cultural aspects of Costa Rican life from real native writers, with their own perspectives and becoming more fluent in the language.

Painting you a picture of our lifestyle, while teaching you in an easy simplified way target words, and phrases that will allow you to fit right in with the natives –
So when someone asks – “¿Cómo está?” You will be answering, “Pura Vida!”

GET STARTED TODAY with any of 14 titles and make learning a second language the easiest it has ever been.