When Kate McGovern reads the journals written by her distant ancestor, Katherine Collins, her life changes forever.
Kate is introduced to Clayton McAllen, a collector of Irish artifacts. Clayton knows more about the history of Kate’s family than she does, which makes Kate curious to delve into the life of Katherine.
Katherine’s journal begins when she is forced into a loveless marriage to avoid disgracing her family. Forced to leave her home, Katherine takes her two most prized possessions with her; a small portrait painted by her former lover and an emerald necklace given to her by her mother.
Katherine becomes an obedient wife to Darrogh Ryan and a mother to his young sons. When the potato famine strikes Ireland, the family moves to America. Katherine is besieged with new challenges and inscrutable dangers as the family struggles to find their way to the gold fields in California.
When Kate finishes the journals a new mystery is before her. Where is Katherine’s necklace and why is Clayton so interested in finding it?
Marlene Mitchell has created a book within a book with compelling characters and a story that spans two continents and years of history.