Do not read this book; there are far too many more-recent biographies to try.
This biography is terribly overwritten through Aldington's being stylistically far too cute and self-indulgent. (The word “factitious” is like a favorite dog that he can’t stop petting throughout the book; he uses it so much that I flinched every time it showed up. Similarly, he regards “the romance of destiny,” which comes from Stevenson’s writing, as a theme, and so uses it even more than “factitious.” In fact “the romance of destiny” closes the book. As a theme, it’s empty, and repetition makes it as laughable as “factitious.”) He seems to be sound with dates and other matters of fact, but is much too free with questionable (and often absurd) opinions. I regard any of his judgments or characterizations with great skepticism.
I feel bad about being so condemning, so I may or may not provide more substance to my charges later.