Generating Parsers with JavaCC is the long-awaited guide to JavaCC, the premier parser generator for the Java programming language.More than a decade old, JavaCC is in use around the globe in commercial projects, high profile open source projects (like Jython, Derby and Beanshell) and other applications.JavaCC is free, open source, and has been relicensed with a permissive, BSD-style license — making it even more user-friendly.

Essential for learning to write effective tokenizers and parsers, this text contains examples that demonstrate JavaCC's capabilities.It includes a wealth of code snippets from real world grammars, demonstrating many problem-solving techniques.In addition, there's an extensive large-grammar case study, fully explaining the complicated bits of JavaCC.

JavaCC is a useful tool, and developers need to know more than just how it works.As a developer, you need to understand how JavaCC fits into a large Java project.With that in mind, Generating Parsers with JavaCC takes that deeper dive.Practical challenges — like using the Eclipse JavaCC plugin, writing good unit tests for a tokenizer and parser, and processing Unicode data with JavaCC — all are addressed.

Packed with helpful examples, useful tips, and real-world applications, Generating Parsers With JavaCC in the one JavaCC resource you need.