Project Management Consulting - What is Project Management Consulting?

The short E-Book dedicates itself to some fundamental information about the project management consulting industry and project management business and gives a compact overview about the topic project management. The E-Book includes definitions of important terms like project (very detailed, multi-dimensional), project management consulting, project management, project management concept, project management system, project policy, project planning, project organization and project potential.

A list of popular project management consulting products, well-known project management associations/bodies and a summary of the evolution of project management and project management research are included as well.

Based on his experiences as a business consultant, the author balances practical know how, academic incentives and research.

This is a handy E-Book for consulting rookies, project management students, experienced advisors, who need a set of important definitions and basics, and curious consulting clients.

The author Matthias Buchholz studied business administration, organization & management and services management at universities in Germany and Ireland, has conducted a comprehensive study on trends in project management, worked several years on numerous projects for an international business consultancy in Vienna and is now owner & editor-in-chief of Consulting Monitor® - an international web-portal offering information products for consultants and consulting clients. The publishing house Consulting Monitor® is located in Berlin, Germany. It develops quality web-magazines for consultants and consulting clients.

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