this book is one of those books that could be overlooked because of its cover.some ppl are turned off by religious subjects, and i can assure you of this, because i'm one of those ppl. i received this from one of my friends, and i thought i was going to be reading this novel on my knees with a rosary in hand. However, to my surprise, this book has extreme details on the characters and a great background story for most of them. this novel could easily be broken down into more and more series. the story has so much depth and the plot is quite innovative. somehow artists seem to forget that we are connected to a universal mind or collective consciousness, and this ails the writer if not aware, but Murphy knows the collective conscious a little too well. the symbolism in the novel guides the reader to the exact path the writer wants the reader to follow, and the writer does so seamlessly.

i will be definitely looking for more of Murphy's work, because his story telling technique is very well structure and organized with random events happening that come from a crevice in the character's history. AMAZING READ!