Is golf REALLY that hard? Author and PGA Master Teaching Professional, Brad Clayton shows that golf really doesn't have to be that difficult/demonic/hard/miserable/frustrating. This book's approach on how to play your best golf, consistently, is unique. Creating a sound functional swing relative to your physical ability is necessary to controlling your ball and playing consistent golf, but there is more. The other part of this book is about playing the game, club selection, and thought processes. It will help streamline the readers' efforts to scoring better. Golfers encounter many obstacles along the path to their best possible game. Some of the hazards are on the course, and some of them are in the players' minds. There are obstacles from the strategy in your mind as well as those from the strategy of the course architect. This book will help players of all levels maneuver these obstacles in a common sense/matter of fact way. Most people play golf for one or more of these reasons; fun, health, social (personal or business), or competition. Readers may be amazed to learn just how their score, enjoyment/fulfillment, and ultimately the impression they leave on their friends, family, and peers are all inter-related and are affected by the state of the other(s). With this book, players will not only know more about how to play better golf, but hopefully will also have a different outlook on the bigger picture. There is no magic dust or pill, but golf really doesn't have to be that hard!