For some reason I previously thought the Dionne quintuplets were born to some minor royalty in Argentina...However, they were born to Canadian dirt poor farmers.Their lavish nursery and extensive staff had been provided by the government as they were made wards of the state after their desperate father gave serious consideration to exhibiting them for profit.Oddly enough, the government themselves came up with ways to exhibit and profit from the quintuplets existence, putting the money garnered into trust funds. Because of this forced removal from the home there was a huge rift between the rest of the family and the Dionne quints that was never really repaired. It made for a difficult and different upbringing for them.This was an interesting read and in the end the remaining quints note that their parents did what they could and what they thought was right out of concern for their well-being not to be mean and that the money and fame changed things.Oddly enough just as I was coming over here to write this review I saw that quintuplet girls had been born in Texas today.