Rabbit Ears World Tales: Volume 6 "features mystical stories from around the globe-read by your favorite stars and featuring original music by some of today's greatest artists.
The Firebird [25:31]
Read by Susan Sarandon - Original Music by Mark Isham
When an archer named Ivan brings a golden feather from the Firebird to the Tsar, he is ordered to present the entire bird or lose his life. Next, he is commanded to retrieve a princess from the end of the earth for the Tsar to marry. But when Ivan himself falls for the princess, he-along with his companion, the Horse of Power-must find a way to thwart the Tsar. This tale captures the essence of old world Russia.
The Monkey People [21:05]
Read by Raul Julia - Original Music by Lee Ritenour
Revisit this Colombian fable of a village in the Amazon jungle where the lazy inhabitants do nothing but lie in their hammocks. Then a mysterious man arrives one day and creates monkeys who do everything for the villagers. When the monkeys take on every human activity-including complaining-the humans have to deal with the serious and silly consequences of their inaction.