"How do you find your identity when you don't know who you are? You don't...you let your heart decide." Thirteen-year-old Evelyn gladly helps her friends face life's challenges, but she secretly can't understand why she's not like other girls her age. She constantly battles with her sister and her mother in her struggle to find her identity, and the only person Evelyn can confide in is her best friend May. When May rejects her because of her new boyfriend, Evelyn is devastated. But when Evelyn and her family move away from Washington DC, Evelyn is afraid she will never see May again. Years later, Evelyn returns to the DC area, and she finally finds a man who cares for her—but she's unsure of her true feelings for him. Her relationship with her street-smart friend Six has left her with doubts about her sexuality. If she denies her true self, she will be living a lie. If she embraces her new discovery, it could mean losing the love of both her mother and her new boyfriend. May's sudden reappearance in her life only serves to confuse Evelyn more. What will her heart decide?