This book is a must read for all parents raising kids of any age today.

Whether your child is "artistic" or not, this book is intended to help parents inspire, foster and nurture the myriad traits and personality benefits that come from learning how to be creative, think creatively and see the world creatively.

In today's schools, art and critical thinking and all of those other wonderful classes that used to round out the purely academic and textbook based subjects, are sorely missing. The school system has become a rote methodology of teaching kids to behave like robots: comprehend, memorize, recite and test well. But this book points out that in our technological future, all activities that are menial and rote will be easily and efficiently automated so that the creative out of the box thinker will be the one who is truly in demand.

So if kids are not learning to be creative anymore in school, who is responsible for imparting these crucial skill sets to them?

This is where Raising Creative Kids comes in. Dr. Dan Peters and Dr. Susan Daniels are two professionals with years of experience in the psychological setting with youth of all ages. In this book, they not only explain the neurological and scientific facts behind creativity but also go over the individual personality traits that should be considered when trying to motivate your child's creative potential. These are things such as imagination, daydreaming, risk-taking, perception, open mindedness and curiosity.

The book then goes even further to give concrete examples of processes and activities that you can engage your children in to exercise and grow their creative muscles. All of the exercises are interesting and fun and really make you think about and understand why the concepts all work. As a parent, I feel like I can learn just as much from doing these exercises as I can also instill in my daughter.

There's a special section on the teenage years, which we all know as a time when our children suddenly turn into aliens that was very enlightening to read.

And finally there's information on parenting and how a parent's building up of things like trust, support and protection makes a huge difference in how successful a child is at just plain life in general.

Finally the book ends with chapters on teaching your child to utilize all of this information and newfound skill to prosper in the world and look ahead towards their own future.

While reading this, I was saddened about the fact that kids aren't getting a lot of this information in schools like I did when I was younger but I was happily reminded that as a parent, I am armed with a tool now that I can use to serve the same purpose