I read this book to my class during our read aloud time, and though they were hesitant to listen to it, they really started to like it once we got into it. Boys may not be too keen to pick this up, but once they hear about the evil goblins that have stolen all of the dancing fairies magical ribbons, they are hooked! In this story Kirsty and Rachel go to the Rock n' Roll dance with Kirsty's parents in searcg for Rebecca's Rock n' Roll magic ribbon. When Rebecca doesn't have her ribbon, there's a good chance that everyone at the function won't know how to dance, so it's Kirsty and Rachel to the rescue. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the story while reading it (it seemed a little all over the place), it is a good beginning chapter book for those students that have just started reading them. Plus, girls love the series!