Red Sox Rule by Michael Holley is about the Boston Red Sox and there from the end of the 2004 season to their World Series win in 2007. At the beginning of the book it begins right after the win of the 2004 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals and how it was their first championship in almost a hundred years. The book then goes off to describe what the Red Sox and the front office did during the offseason to try and improve their team to repeat what they did the season before and win the World Series. Throughout the book it follows Terry Francona and his leadership of the Boston Red Sox by coaching the players on the team that weren’t the biggest names in baseball to create a great team. It also describes how Terry Francona had to work with only the players that they he had as some of the players that they hoped to help the team did not do as much as they were expected to do. The book then describes the Red Sox in there 2007 season and who they went up against all the odds and proved people wrong. The Red Sox at this point had a team with a large amount of young players that were not expected to perform as well as they did. Finally the book concludes at the of the 2007 season as the Red Sox when their second world series in less than five years when they beat the Colorado Rockies in four games.
The book Red Sox Rule was a great book that really got in depth in the Red Sox team and what they did to succeed but the story also had some bad points in it. What I liked about the book is how in depth the book got into what the Red Sox did in the offseason to sign new players and improve their team. I liked how the book got really in depth into the team because I find it interesting how teams go back and forth with players to get them on to their team. What I didn’t like about the book is at some points the author would begin to talk about a certain player that was not very important to the team or just was not on the team. I did not like the author talking about other players because I felt that it was not really needed to help describe how the Red Sox grew to become a great team.
Red Sox Rule by Michael Holley is a great sports book and because of that I would recommend it to any sports fan or anybody who likes sports books. I would recommend to sports fans because the book really gets in depth into a sports team and what happens before and after a baseball game to prepare for what is to come. I would also recommend it to any sports fan because the entire book is about baseball and does not talk about much more than that so this would be great book just for sports. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes sports book because the entire book is only about sports so a person who loves sports would enjoy this book a lot. Red Sox Rule is a great book about the Boston Red Sox rise to the top of the baseball world and achievements of winning two World Series.