#4 in the Liam Devlin series. This novel is a sequel to The Eagle Has Landed (1975), a 1943 plot by Heinrich Himmler to kidnap (or kill) Winston Churchill. The plot was foiled and Irish gunman Liam Devlin was wounded and escaped, eventually to Lisbon, while 13 of 14 German Paratroopers were killed. The German leader, Col. Steiner, was secretly held in the Tower of London. In the sequel, set in 1975, author Higgins is shown documents showing the further actions of Devlin and Steiner in 12/43-1/44. He travels to Ireland and meets with Liam Devlin who relates most of what happened in a further plot by Himmler to engage Gen. Schellenberg to run a plot to free Steiner and return with him to France for a meeting with Hitler, Adm. Canaris and Gen. Rommel.

Liam Devlin series - In this sequel to 'The Eagle Has Landed, Devlin is asked by the Germans to parachute into England and free Steiner from St. Mary's Priory, where he has been taken after being held captive in the Tower of London. This sequel involves a plot to thwart the assassination of Hitler in order to prevent the nation's takeover by Himmler and the SS.