Sunny is a fairly typical teenage girl – at least, she thinks she is – but when she wakes up on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, she knows things have taken a turn for the worst.She can’t remember who she is or where she came from, and there is something off about her that she can’t quite put her finger on.But before she can even begin to find the answers to these questions, she is quickly picked up and whisked away by Finn, a haunted and devastatingly handsome young man claiming to know who, or more accurately what she is.Determined to keep her safe, he takes Sunny to Reverence, a secret ghost town deep in the Montana mountains that is filled with people just like her.
In an atmosphere thick with mystery and mistrust, Sunny learns the secret of what she is and must come to terms with her impossible new existence.But her own mental struggles to accept what has happened to her aren’t all she has to deal with.Sunny’s presence in Reverence has put everyone in danger of being found by the dreaded Hunters.These highly skilled government agents are trained to track down and capture people just like Sunny, and they’re coming after her.The agent assigned to find Sunny is cold and calculating, and he’s got a personal vendetta against her that requires him to stop at nothing to get to her.