Ravan, has been given a chance at a new life. His first task? ...journey to save Nicolette from the tyrant who has taken her. Believing it will be a venture against all odds-a death mission-he discovers, instead, a world of happiness he'd never imagined possible. But old enemies lurk in unforgiving shadows, turning his newfound joy into the most unspeakable terror of his life. Now he must learn to depend on those most loyal to him while embarking on a flight like no other. The Turkish empire is his final destination as Ravan tries desperately to save his son. Little does he know Nicolette is fast on his heels to help in ways that only she can. Worlds collide in the Ottoman Empire as a dark mercenary, an enchantress, their son and the crippled girl he loves find the power to rise above and overcome for the noblest of all reasons... ...perfect love.