63minI chose this book because I like Charlie and the chocolate factory.

If you went to space by the great glass elevator, what did you want to do there?
I want experience no gravity and flow in space.

Mr. Wonka is a character person. Do you have any friends or family members who you think a character person?

Wonka Family Elevator Higher Earth Air Back!

. 70min. If the space hotel U.S.A really there, what do you want to do there?
I want see another planet from the hotel and eat space food.

If you find some strange thing, what do you do? Can you check what it is?
I can't approach because I'm not brave.

Hotel Spaceship President What! Spy??? Bomb Empty

If you could go space, would you like to meet Ariel's ? What do you want to talk with them??
I want to meet them! I want to know their daily life:-)
The chief interpreter of America knew every language in the world. If you ware he, what country's people do you want to talk with?
I want to talk with Moroccan. Because my host family was Moroccan in Boston. Their language is very difficult to hear ;-(
Link-upwhofreeze languagedance mars something

They met dangerous alien in space, if you saw it can you approach?
I cannot do that but the alien they met was very cute! So I want to tach it if I didn't know its dangerous.
Wonka was invited to the White House by president.If you go there, what do you want to do?
I want to talk with president's wife:-)
Alien shape attack safe song invention song

The president's nanny sang a song for him. If you could ask singing someone song only for you, who did you want to ask? And what song do you want to listen??
I want to ask NAOTO INTIRAIMI and I want to listen Kimiraifu.
The astronauts was attacked their rocket by aliens. I thought astronauts is very dangerous job. What kind of jobsdo you think the most dangerous ? why?
I think astronauts is the most dangerous ! Because space is non gravity and very cold.
7 words
Song man alien! Help! many Wonka battle

An alien names knid can change his shape. If you could change your shape, what shape do you want to be?
I want to be long (tall) and I want to see around the world :-)
Charlie and Wonka was really excited and really pleased about their victory. When did you pleased recently? And what for?

Knid Attack Battle grandpa rope won attack

They came back to the earth finally.And Oompa-Loompas welcomed them. Do you have any place to go back now?
I want to back to BOSTON!
Grandma Josephine could put her feet on floor after a long ages. What are you did not do for a long time and you want to do?
I want to play at park.

Knid victory done? Button back men welcome

11/19. 81min
Wonka-vite younger recipe drink? gave squabble sad vanish
Wonka-vite is a pill to be young and healthy. One pill make the person 29years younger. If you got it, would you like to drink or would someone to drink? And why? Who?
I don't want to drink because I'll vanish if I rejuvenate 20years. But I want to my dog drink it.
Georgina was not share the pill and they squabbled.What do you think about her?
I think she have to share it. Also, because of her bad thinking , she vanished.

7words:-) rescue find minus oldest help invention fine!
Charlie's grand parents could not stand and walk. But eventually,they could run because they really want to go White House invention.
Have you ever experienced you could do that you had thought you can not do?
When I was high school student, I thought I could not do forward upward circling because I had not do that for a long time, but I could do it :-)

Wonka,Charlie and his family members was invited to White House because they rescued many people. Have you ever recognized by doing something ?
When I was elementary school student, I was a ward a prize for my picture.