Curious fourteen-year-old Natalie Wintry accidentally sees a face inside her neighbor's window. Knowing that her neighbor is away, she decides to investigate, dragging her reluctant friend, Heather, into the mix. Their attempt to investigate soon turns into a dead end. Though Heather is happy with that outcome and thinks, or hopes, that her friend has completely forgotten about it, Natalie isn't convinced. Determined that she will get to the bottom of the mystery, Natalie says her prayers and sleeps on it. She is rewarded with another lead. Joined by Heather's brother, Nolan, the trio sets out a plan to do some sleuthing in the dead of night. Is there danger ahead? Will they catch the intruder? And if so, can the trio handle it? Join author Kyra Cross in this adventurous tale of suspense, sibling rivalry, and family fun in the first book of the Natalie's Hidden Treasures Series: The Intruder.