Katya Alkaev is the Dominatrix that makes other Dommes quake in their boots. She wants her men strong enough to take whatever pleasurable torment she can dish out. When she’s offered the chance to train a new submissive with strong alpha qualities it’s a challenge she cannot resist.

John Laredo is an MMA fighter who dominates his opponents in the cage, but wants nothing more than to relinquish power in the bedroom. Reconciling these two halves of his personality is difficult enough, but finding the right Domme is nearly impossible. Then Katya enters his life and Laredo discovers what it means to willingly submit.

When Katya and Laredo meet it’s lust at first sight. Laying her crop against his beautiful body is an experience she’ll never get enough of. But when the knots are untied and only the man and the woman remain, Katya realizes that this submissive could challenge her control in ways she never dreamed possible.