At what point do you give up on a manga series? I'm pretty quick to drop a series that I'm not enjoying, but what do you do when you can recognize a series' potential, but the volumes have yet to achieve that?

That's my problem with Rosario Vampire. It's really silly. Most manga is silly, but this is verging on the eye-rolling ridiculous. Every chapter encounters a new classmate/monster who either wants to kill Moka (the hot vampire chick) or Tsukene (the human boy narrator). And you also have to deal with semi-nudity and glorification of large breasts - like Tsukene being hypnotized to squeeze Moka's breasts, which are so large in the drawing that she's probably fall over backwards if she was real. I tolerate the pandering to teenage boys, since I realize that's what sells copies, but it's still annoying.

My chief annoyance is the sameness of each chapter. New monster. Moka rescues Tsukene or Tsukene rescues Moka - or in this case, a character starts out as a monster villain, but then turns into a friend who rescues the others. Moka wants to suck Tsukene's blood. Tsukene's hiding as a human. I'd like to see some more character development and story movement.

And while I have more complaints the compliments about this volume, I still want to stick with it. I'm not sure why. I have read reviews that say it gets better. Mostly, there's just something about the concept that has drawn me in. We'll see how much longer I can go on.