the book too much knowledge it is actually write as a thinker althogh it is a tour book the write and his friends visit to a highest hill station in the world in the northern areas of PAKISTAN

this book is written during that tour in that tour writer gives too much knowledge which u can't gain from anything else although this book hav sexual appeal at many palces but the writer just paly with the readers sexual appeal

for example on his starting he start guessing the his past life he said" when i was in berlin(GERMANY) one day i was travelling by a train i was stting in the train and infront of me suddeny she close to me her legs touches my leg and i feel too much hotness suddenly i stood up and i went towards other palce for smooking she also came to me and start telling me about herself suddenly she put her hand in my shirt........''

this is one example but knowledge is on its peak in this book but one should hav such eye to gain knowledge