Sams Teach Yourself Linux Programming in 21 Days will cover the various aspects of developing for the Linux environment. Even though Linux is similar to Unix, the development community is totally different. While Unix is more traditional, Linux is a product that caters more to the individual. Unix programmers tend to be part of a formal team whereas Linux programmers are diverse and operate in loose groups connected through common interests. Sams Teach Yourself Linux Programming in 21 Days caters to these developers, teaching them how to incorporate diverse code bases and relate within this community.The first part of the book will build a strong foundation for programming in Linux, how the various components are structured and organized. Permissions and security, user input/output and system calls related to the environment will be covered.

The next part will show how to exploit the built-in command structure through prebuilt scripts. It will cover what scripting is, why to use it, its limits, strengths, etc. The remaining chapters will cover command shell scripting and how to automate many tasks without involving compiled languages.

The last part is where the native Linux compiled language programming will be covered. This is where the reader will learn how the libraries are structured and how to build modular programs. At the very end we will introduce the reader to the millions of independent programmers who make up the Open Source development community.

Sams'Teach Yourself in 21 Days books are organized on a day-by-day basis. Each lesson provides a basic overview of the topics being taught, provides examples illustrating that topic, and follows up with a summary andexercises for further exploration. The books promise the reader full functionality after completing the 21 comprehensive tutorials.