Actress Dawn Smith's world is crumbling. She's always lived on the edge, seeking thrills, making herself into someone different. That's why her success in Hollywood came so easily for a small town girl from Legend, Tennessee. But things have changed. Dawn needs to get away from the bright lights, but it's Christmastime and that has always meant going home to family. She can't face family this year. Clint Roberts, former high school football hero and current car dealership owner, is a popular fixture in Legend. Affable and fun-loving, the bachelor is everyone's best buddy. Most people know about his infatuation for one-time Legend girl, now superstar Dawn Smith. Dawn needs someone to turn to, but she's rejected her family. When Clint shows up on her doorstep in a snowstorm dressed as Santa bearing gifts and food, she welcomes him. Will their night of lovemaking bring Dawn more heartache or can Clint convince the actress that it's time for her to come home for good?