What’s a girl to do when she finds herself face to face with a ferocious bear in the middle of the forest?

Gabby never should’ve stumbled off the beaten path but hind sight is…well. And no to mention—She. Hates. Bears.

Thank god for Zane, a super sexy park ranger who just happens to be on patrol and comes to Gabby’s rescue. The two immediately butt heads but Gabby can’t control the overwhelming urge to let him take what he wants—and he can’t deny she is everything he wants.

What Zane doesn’t tell Gabby is that he’s a werebear shifter and second in command of the ruthless Virtus clan…but she’s got a few surprises of her own and she won’t be easy prey.

When rival bear clans discover Gabby has royal blood running through her veins the hunt is on. She has no choice but to seek Zane’s protection. The incredibly sexy, super cocky man who also happens to be a bear…

What Zane doesn’t tell Gabby is that he’s the reason she hates bears in the first place—he’s the one who killed her father 20 years ago.

This is a STANDALONE Paranormal Romance Novel – No Cliff Hanger – First book in the Russet Falls series – Content suitable for adults only, contains violence, sassy females, alpha males, and their graphic sexual encounters.
60,000 words in length.