Captivating, Pure Suspense,

Greg is a father figure as well as a mentor. He holds his clique of friends together, but once he is sentenced to life in prison, friendships are tested. Are the bonds that they share strong enough to continue through rough times? Denise is a complex woman with a successful career. She has a dark past which she struggles to put behind her, but old habits die hard. Will hers resurface? Gabrielle is Greg's devoted wife and she's with Greg through thick and thin. Is there anything that can sever this unbreakable bond? Finally, there's Tony who is an exceptional businessman and leads a seemingly charmed life, from the outside looking in that is. Everything in his life seems perfect, complete with beautiful fiancée Christina, but Tony is dissatisfied with his life and is about to embark on a dangerous course that threatens the bonds of life-long friendships. Morgan is Denise's fourteen-year-old niece. She's wise beyond her years, and she works hard in order to become a successful adult. But Morgan's life is about to take a dangerous turn.

"Scattered Lies" Lies is a riveting story about four friends, a great friendship and deep betrayals. It's a page turner with non-stop action, from the first page to the last. This is a book that you can't read fast enough. "Scattered Lies" is a sit on the edge of your seat, breath taking ride. It does not disappoint. It is a must read.

Reviewed by: Anna