Professor Reis Welling's life is idyllic. A respected professor of botany at Cornell, he's been granted early tenure, has received a grant to carry out field research in the Adirondack Forest, and has met Ellen, the love of his life. Everything is perfect—that is until the forest turns his back on him, department heads start spying on him, Ellen starts lying to him, and all start transmitting thoughts into his head. Herein lies Reis's slow and insidious descent into a visious and damaging world of mental illness.

Masterfully shifting between past and present, Reis's Pieces intimately examines what transpires when all someone has ever known or believed to be true helplessly deteriorates right in front of him.How does one who has lost everything ultimately learn to accept and live life again after a diagnosis of schizophrenia?Can Reis, with the stress of this acceptance and the possibility of a new love—Kelly Adams,who, despite being committed to her seemingly perfect boyfriend, Brian, can't seem to get Reis out of her head—remain healthy?

Reis's Pieces uncomprisingly explores one man's struggle for his place in an altered world and two women's search for their place in his. Welcome to the life of Reis Welling and all his pieces, an engrossing and provocative world of love, loss, and schizophrenia.