No Irish dramatist since Brendan Behan has made such an impact
on the Irish people as has John B. Keane. He was born on 7/21/28, in Listowel, Co. Kerry, which was also the birthplace of George Fitzmaurice, Maurice Walsh & Bryan MacMahon. Save for a stint as a laborer in England an experience mirrored in HUT 42 he has lived most of his life in Listowel, where he owns a public-house. He has written eleven plays, of which the best known are the extremely popular SIVE, SHARON'S GRAVE & MANY YOUNG MEN OF TWENTY (both of which were recently published by the University of Minnesota Press in the volume SEVEN IRISH PLAYS), THE YEAR OF THE HIKER & THE FIELD. He has also written
a biography SELF-PORTRAIT, a book of essays STRONG TEA, a
volume of verse THE STREET & a political satire LETTERS OF