When a man believes in the lust of the flesh, but steers clear of the emotions of the heart it takes the right woman to change his mind.

Trenton Rayner doesn’t believe in love, romance or marriage and Cupid and he have been enemies since puberty. When he goes to an appointment to check out a lovers’ resort for his brother’s anniversary, Trenton just wants to run in the opposite direction, until he sets his sights on Jolie Tymber. Jolie is the sexy, topaz eyed, brown-skinned beauty that owns Sensual Chocolate and his wet dream come to life. Trenton has never given his heart to a woman and he doesn’t plan to start now. But he can’t deny that he desires a chance to get inside Jolie’s pants by any means possible.

Jolie may believe in romance and happily-ever-after, but she also can spot a playboy like Trenton a mile away. She knows that the dark imposing man with the sexy British accent isn’t offering anything else but a moment of lust between the sheets. However, try as she may, she can’t resist him. Instead of agreeing to a quickie, she calls his bluff and decides to show him the benefits of how a sensual and intimate night can turn sex into so much more. The only problem is she has to come out of the Valentine’s night the same way she went in…with her heart intact.