Troy and Amy were meant for each other, but fate had different plans... Join the erotic adventures of Amy and Troy as they make their way in the world. True love reigns, but fate continually throws the young couple into the arms of others. The titillating quickies are written from both Troy and Amy's point of view so you get it both ways.

* Each short story is a new erotic adventure from ménage, bondage, exhibitionism, anal play, to good old-fashioned lover sex.


"A very seductive tale that presents itself with depth and imagination." - Shane

"Read the books with Troy, Amy, Brad and a whole host of sexcapades." - Adelaye Hearst

"Oh me Oh my!! Brad is one HOT piece! I believe he would make the women line up just for him to be their master :)" - DragonRene "~AVA~

"Red Phoenix does a lot of things well, but s/he truly excels at writing fabulous displays of sexual tension" - Avid X

"I love the way there is not a moment of boredom in Red Phoenix books!! You never know what to expect and when you expect something, something else pops!! Delightful Hot, Erotic story!!!" - marian