The Serranto Empire

Years of structuring the Serranto Family Empire fuses two brothers together, both ignited by greed and power. When their long-standing kingdom begins to crumble, the brothers ruthlessly set all integrity and family allegiance aside. As with any struggle for power, one brother will ultimately reign supreme, while the other will falter in annihilation.

Nicky Serranto

Getting out from beneath the Serranto Empire is difficult even for a top-notch hit man. But for Nicky Serranto, being left to die only fuels his revenge full-force against his brother. As Nicky battles the evils of family and alleged allies, he struggles to forge away from his past, until his crime path crosses with Kate MacAvoy. Nicky’s vengeance then takes another course altogether in protecting Kate and her son. For a man of Nicky’s caliber, trust doesn’t come twice; if it ever comes at all—and achieving it will come at a price no average man is willing to pay.

Kate MacAvoy

Kate MacAvoy is a single mother who will stop at nothing to love and protect her four-year-old son. When twisted circumstances puts her face-to-face with reputable hit man Nicky Serranto, Kate’s independence and strength is tested as she lands in the middle of a fierce reprisal between crime kingpins. As Kate is bombarded at every angle by obstacles that threaten the safety of her and her son, she battles against the security that awaits her in the most unexpected place.