When a man in a sexless marriage also has to deal with his wife's growing mental instability, he decides a short separation is in order. Climbing aboard his motorcycle, he heads off for a break from the pain and frustration. The adventure also reveals he's not the only sexually frustrated person out there. He also gets a little more than he bargained for in the form of someone trying to kill him.

Chase Matthews has it all... almost. A successful business that runs itself, a nice home, a few toys and a couple close friends. What's missing is the passion with his wife, Charity. The lack of passion also means a lack of sex, but he's dealing with that. At least, right up to the point where everything seems to be crumbling around him as Charity begins to exhibit behaviors related to mental instability. When her actions turn violent, Chase decides to give their marriage a break before something even more devastating happens.

Chase leaves with no real destination in mind, but finds himself in towns, and situations, that lead to sexual adventures that keep him re-evaluating the sexless marriage he had endured for so long.

The pleasures are soon tempered by a cat-and-mouse game with an unknown assailant, someone who seems dead-set on killing him. But why?

Donn Falcone's SEX, LIES, & CHROME takes the reader on an explicit, sexually-charged adventure where pleasures of the flesh are challenged by a fight for survival.