Shades of Vampires Alec Part IV
Love. Power. Blood. Intrigue.
From boardroom to bedroom, Alec Deveraux has a charisma that draws women to him like bees to honey but he has a terrible secret that would send every woman running for the heels; or so he thinks until he meets the love of his life, Mia Durante. Mia has a heart of gold, a body made for a man’s hands and unusual courage and Alec can’t stop himself from falling head over heels for her.
When Mia discovers Alec’s shocking secret that he is a vampire  he fears all is lost and yet, she loves him more than she has ever loved anyone in her entire life. Her love for him however faces an unexpected challenge when dead bodies begin to pop up around him and their love receives the ultimate test. Mia must learn to trust her feelings for Alec in spite of all the evidence to the contrary even as she is helpless to fight the onslaught of feelings Alec evokes in her.
Alec is convinced there is someone else trying desperately to break up his relationship with Mia, but whoever they are, they certainly have no qualms about killing people and making him seem guilty. His frustration skyrockets when Mia’s trust for him begins to develop cracks and Alec realises he is in a race to win her trust once and for all or lose her and her trust to the cold arms of a cunning killer. He is desperate to make her happy and keep her safe but can he really protect her from a faceless killer who seems to know everything especially when even Mia thinks he is the killer?
As their love faces the ultimate test, Mia and Alec grow closer, their feelings for each other overriding every challenge and opposition until the spate of killings strikes closer to home and Mia is forced to question everything she ever knew about the man she loves.