Isabel Allende is arguably the world's most popular living woman writer. Her major books—The House of the Spirits, Of Love and Shadows, Eva Luna, The Stories of Eva Luna, The Infinite Plan, and Paula—have been translated into nearly thirty languages and have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. The first two novels have been made into successful Hollywood films. A marvelous ability for storytelling, particularly the hidden stories of women's lives, is the secret of Allende's success. In this collection of thirty-four interviews spanning the 1980s and 1990s, she tells her own story in her own words, from her early years as a Chilean TV personality and niece of the late Chilean president Salvador Allende through the major transformations of her adult life, first as a political refugee in Venezuela, then as a United States visitor, permanent California resident, newly remarried wife, and renowned world writer. The interviews spotlight issues in Allende's life, art, and working habits that have consistently fascinated her readers and critics. Five of the interviews have not been published before, and several that originally appeared in Spanish, German, and Dutch are here translated into English for the first time. As a collection, the interviews constitute a sharply focused, intimate short autobiography of Isabel Allende—the first to appear in any language. Family photographs selected by Allende (including some never before published) complement the text.