SHORTS: a collection of short stories

This collection contains five short stories by author Keith Cronin, exploring a variety of quirky characters and sticky scenarios with the same combination of humor and emotional candor that has made his novel Me Again so popular with readers.

In “I’d Like to Thank the Academy,” a famous actor’s onscreen kiss unleashes a chain of events that change more than one person’s life. Next is “Black Lights and Breast Milk,” in which a young bachelor recounts how the things he anticipates most eagerly never seem to live up to his expectations. “Starving Artist 101” takes a stark look at a lifestyle many tend to romanticize. In “Shave and a Haircut,” an aspiring Hollywood actor's preparations for his latest audition become unexpectedly painful – at a number of levels. Closing up the collection is “The Wheel,” a story showing how even back in stone-age times, you could never make everybody happy. As a bonus, also included is the first chapter of Cronin's debut novel Me Again.