In this combined travelogue and photo journal, Timir Banerjee shares his experiences in the ancient and colorful world of Nepal.His story begins in exotic Kathmandu, the capital city, and ends, after an exhausting 150-mile hike through the rugged Himalayan foothills, in a remote village near the peak of Kalapatthar. Banerjee's travels take him past pious women performing ancient religious rites before a phallic symbol of Shiva while, a few steps away, a storefront sign advertises email and fax services.Buddhist temples, filled with the murmur of prayers and mantras, stand like islands of tranquil beauty among crowded, noisy streets that flow with filthy water, dung, and fresh animal blood.Along the narrow mountain trails to Kalapatthar stand Mani walls, bearing Buddhist inscriptions, and remote village tea houses warmed by heaters that burn yak dung. Climaxing with an awesome glimpse of Mount Everest, this entertaining book is also an inspiring illustration of perseverance and the deep joy that comes with the achievement of a lifelong goal.