Welcome to your Simple Spiritual Solution: How to Create Happiness and Health. This daily practice is a simple method to bring you into Harmony and enhance your ability to manage your daily life. Each day gives you a short journey to focus upon. As you become familiar with the pattern you will be able to pre-plan how each day unfolds before you. This is the beginnings of the understanding of how to create your life with intention and your Higher Being/Self.

The evening meditations are focused upon restful sleep and the rejuvenation of your physical body. Each evening meditation focuses upon a different system of your physical body. After a couple of months you will be amazed at the changes you notice in how you feel.

There are 31 morning visualizations. I suggest that you begin on the day you receive this eBook with the corresponding number of the day of the month and then progress through the remaining days of the month until you are back at Day 1 corresponding to the first day of the month.

There are 11 evening meditations. These meditations specifically address each system in your physical body. As you move through them, you may wish to repeat a particular one, i.e. circulatory system if you have any genetic tendency for heart conditions. This series can be repeated in order or you can create your own specific pattern. Remember to cover each system as the body functions as a whole organism.

If you desire, you can record your own voice speaking the meditations and listen to them both in the morning and in the evening. Hearing your own voice is very powerful and your body will respond accordingly. Have fun making the recording, it doesn’t have to be perfect just your voice.

It is important to give you some basic definitions of terms that are used in these meditations. You can adapt the words to fit your own belief system. As you continue this practice, you’ll find the exactly perfect words that ‘ring true’ for you.

These definitions work for me and hopefully will give you a basic format for you to create your journey to Harmony, Health and Unity with all Life everywhere. Thank you for considering the possibility of Peace and Harmony for yourself. Enjoy your Journeys!

Day 1

As you read these words, allow yourself to take a deep breath. Breathing in Golden Light and breathing out separation. Allow the Golden Light to enter your crown and travel down your central channel. As your breaths become deeper and you relax even more, allow the Love of the Creator to fill you. See the color of Love filling every cell in your body. Each exhale releases all that is not Love. As you quiet your mind and become a Crystal of Golden Light, see your aura expand and become the Golden Light, radiating and embodying the Golden Light.

Connect with the Creator. Feel that Connection. Enjoy the expansive feeling and the Love you are. Take a few moments and acknowledge deep within yourself this Connection. Keep breathing in Love and exhaling that which is not Love.

Connect with your Higher Self. Feel your own Soul Connection, that which is your Divine Spark and your Wisdom from the ages, your own personal Beam of Light coming from Creator and yet unique and brilliant; no other exactly like you. Enjoy the feeling of who you are; a Divine Spark of the Creator and a brilliant shining Light. Feel the Love of the Creator and the Love of your Higher Self. Merge with this feeling of Connection and Love.
Connect with the Earth. Feel your feet connect, feel the connection go deeper. Feel the core and the pulse of the Earth. Become a part of the pulse and the sound of the Earth. Extend your Golden Light down through the bottoms of your feet, ever deeper until you feel the Golden Light connected to the core of Mother Earth.