What can a girl do, being better endowed than of any her classmates? Gina knows that she'll be prey to boys who want her as a score. And in a New York City swimming pool, that's what she becomes. Fleeing from an assault and its aftermath, Gina and her mother move to California. But the story of her rape surfaces there, despite everything Gina does to keep it quiet. She herself, in a flashback of terror, lets it escape publicly. Three boys in her new eighth-grade class — Ben, Eddie, and Felix — begin dreaming aloud of making it with the stacked, experienced girl who must be, in their view, looking for more. What starts as a crude, three-man plan ends up as a single boy's attack, which Gina repels. He boasts of success — boys lie — so confident is he that she, from shock or shame, will never tell anyone. But Gina realizes that unless she rises above her fears and tells the truth, her reputation will be in a boy's hands, not her own.