I read Solstice by Jan Adkins and really liked the northern fishing setting. It immediately puts me in a holiday mood, and reminds me when we use to drive my brother up north to his boarding school, or picking him up at the airport for Christmas. The book is a neat creative story about strangers and families inviting strangers into their home and the element of celebration that can be enjoyed by all. It is about the miracles that can happen around the holidays and the forgiveness that occurs due to the magical element that flies through the souls of humans. There is also a bit of make believe in the story which, what is Christmas without a little make believe.

Check out the ebooks of poems Tilt the Spirit and I Find Flowers by Jennifer Vensel on Amazon.com. Poems about connections lost in relationships, being good to the environment, and uses of the human body all grace the poems of these books. Allpoems are an exploration for understanding to shape a path to peace. Remember you don’t have to have a kindle to read amazon ebooks, you can just simply download the kindle app from your favorite app store and turn most of your devices into ereaders including your smart phone, it’s a great way to pass the time in line, reading!