Jonas Greenfield was one of the foremost epigraphers and biblical scholars of this generation. Here fifty-three essays by an impressive array of scholars pay tribute to Professor Greenfield in articles reflecting areas of particular interest to him: Bible, Qumran, Epigraphy, and Semitics. Greenfield was born in New York City, educated at the City College of New York and Yale University, and taught in Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Jerusalem. Originally studying English literature, both in New York and at Yale, he was drawn to ancient Near Eastern studies while taking a course from Albrecht Goetze. This graduate study, coupled with an early interest in Aramaic, led him in the directions for which he has become well known: an abiding interest in language, the inscriptions attesting to the languages of the ancient Near East, and Bible. In 1971, he moved to Israel and from that time until his death in the spring of 1995 he taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.