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BORN: July 3, 1738 in Boston, Massachusetts
DIED: September 9, 1815 in London, England.

MOVEMENT: American Colonial

§ Copley became a skilled draftsman under his step-father, Peter Pelham, an engraver.
§ In 1766, Copley exhibited his first painting, Boy with a Squirrel, at the Society of Artists in London. Copley was praised by Sir Joshua Reynolds and Benjamin West after this exhibition.
§ Copley, with his wife and children, moved to London in 1775 after the events of the Boston Tea Party.
§ In 1779, Copley was elected to the Royal Academy.

Epes Sargent, Boy with a Squirrel, Brook Watson and the Shark and Charles Callis Western and His Brother Shirley Western.