I always read these for the "interesting insights into contemporary Judaism" but the mysteries are usually good, too. How far does the rabbi control what happens at the synagogue? Can he say for whom he will or will not perform the ceremonies? Yes, he can because that is the central part of his job. If he won't perform an inter religious wedding then it won't happen. Can he counter a property sale and purchase desired by the board? Well, that's a different matter. How about if the property they wish to sell was intended to benefit the congregation and the one they wish to buy is to be used as a retreat centre where *another* rabbi will conduct the worship. David has his weapons sharpened for this one. He is a little naive, though, because he says he can't do the bowing and scraping he needs to do to build up a "rabbi's party" when the truth is that he is very shy when taken off his own specialty and he doesn't make friends easily. I've never been quite sure what constitutes a "good rabbi" from a congregational point of view. I enjoy arguing with Rabbi David Small, however.